2nd Annual Pallet Up Cycle Challenge, Prizes, and WWP

The 2nd Annual Pallet Up Cycle Challenge is Set for Aug 1 to Aug 31. Simply Retain a Pallet Legally, Make a video to You Tube of how you broke it down, and what you built from it, and you video will be Put in a Playlist for a chance at some cool Prizes from the following Sponsors

Clear Vue Cyclone
Fast Cap
Easy Wood Tools
Jay Bates
Scott Haun

Sterling’s WoodCrafts FB Link to Prizes

For Every Video Submitted, I will Donate $1.00 , up to $100.00 to the Wounded Warrior Project, With more information to come on how you can help as well.

Wounded Warrior Project Link


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  1. Just Make It says:

    FYI for all the people wanting to enter, if you have a certain big orange giant box store in your area, you can go grab pallets there around the side or back without problems as long as they aren't blue, green or red.

    Now that being said, is this only for standard size pallets or is the quantity of wood not an issue? I'm just curious how much leeway we have.

  2. Paul Meyette says:

    This challenge is what brought me to YouTube. It initialized my becoming a content creator.
    Thanks Jayscustomcreations.com for being a sponsor, as well as all the others. I hope I win something this year. Good luck everyone!

  3. Sounds great,,,,,,,,,,,,, can't wait to see all the cool entries………….

  4. Looking forward to it Sterling

  5. It so happens as I look outside my front door sitting there is a big ole pallet just waiting to be cut up… and i have no idea what to make? … although…

  6. Awesome! Going to have to get my hands on a pallet now. That's an amazing cause you're donating to also Sterling.

  7. The timing was off for me last time but I want in on the challenge this year! I was asked by a friend to make a stand up desk out of reclaimed wood. But I'll be starting that project next month. Would it be a valid entry or would it have to be a project started on or after the official start of the challenge?

  8. Sounds like fun! be great to see what everyone comes up with!

  9. Cool. It is gonna be awesome this year too! 🙂

  10. Mighty Wood says:

    Great contest, Sterling! I hope a project will come up with a project. I just finished a pallet project I started last year… took a little long. Unfortunately I have no video. Daniel

  11. Good going Sterling should be fun.

  12. Scott Haun says:

    Can't wait! Nice job on donating to WWP!

  13. Thank you, Sterling for doing this. I am definitely going to make time to submit a video this year. I already have four pallets just waiting for me to build something with.

    I also want to thank each and every one who has sacrificed for our freedom. I'm going to make that part of my video and to make sure I include a thanks to all veterans and servicemen and women.

  14. No…No we did not claim "our independence under god".  Try reading a book once and a while.  Here is something to get you started:  http://www.patheos.com/blogs/crossexamined/2013/10/the-declaration-of-independence-a-christian-document-2/

  15. Looking forward to seeing this year's entries, and to joining myself. Thanks for sharing, Sterling!

  16. No place to get pallets around here

  17. I just shared with some friends, I have pallets. Need help on building something. Any ideas or help send em. Thank you for putting this together.

  18. Rod Jaworski says:

    awesome job sterling love the show

  19. Great! I love these contests. Hopefully this year i will succeed.

  20. Can't wait to see all the entries Sterling!  Last year there were a lot of cool entries.

  21. Great contest and a great cause. I'm looking forward to participating!

  22. Rod Jaworski says:

    sterling i was wondering if you had an email address so i could get some info for your cause thank you, rod

  23. Rod Jaworski says:

    hope you dont mind but i got it thanks buddy

  24. Looking forward to the contest this year!im not 100%sure how to share a link but i have time to figure it out:) and thats really cool what ur doing for the wounded warrior program!:) i know a couple "battle buddies " that if it wasnt for the WWP GOD only knows where they'd be now! Good stuff Sterling,!! Have a good 1 and a GREAT 4th!!;)

  25. +Sterling Davis Great stuff! Happy to see a donation to such a great cause.

  26. Cool, count me in. Just have to brave the 115 degree weather.

  27. Ian Voll says:

    Just started woodworking living in a small apartment and working off the back of my S10 with only a circular saw and orbital sander and some basic hand tools.  Never made a video for youtube but I hope to get time to do one for this challenge.  
    God Bless

  28. John Turner says:

    Hope to join in the fun this year

  29. dana smith says:

    Amen brother, I will be going to get pallets for this one. I just wish I lived close to Izzy so I could drive over and borrow his pallet pal! 🙂

    Thanks for taking the time to do this challenge and for the donation you will be giving to the WWP.

    Keep up the great work and thanks for sharing!

  30. Hi Sterling: Looking forward to joining in the 2nd Annual Pallet Up Cycle Challenge,, Thanks for sharing,
    Take care Harry

  31. John Zhu says:

    Sounds like fun Sterling. I don't think I'll have time to participate, but here's me helping to spread the word with a share.

  32. Missed this last year, glad to see it back this year. I'm in. Does it have to be only one pallet or can you use two?


  33. Excitement is building up – the pallet challenge is coming! Thank you Sterling!

  34. Awesome sterling.. I've got to get my hands on a pallet soon.

  35. BCDesign says:

    Awesome i will be entering for sure!!

  36. MidGAOutdoor says:

    as soon as I can ill make u a video of my home made pallet dismanteling tool. Just for fun.

  37. Is the challenge limited to a single pallet?

  38. Sounds like fun. I will definitely enjoy seeing the entries.

  39. Scott Haun says:

    Sponsoring this pallet challenge again!

  40. Kevin Sisk says:

    Time to get a pallet! Sounds like fun. Also, love the cause Sterling.

  41. Hello Sterling!
    I still got some left over pallet wood from the last Pallet Up Cycle Challenge. Is it OK to use the left over wood for the challenge or must it be a new pallet?
    Take care

  42. Darryl Dunn says:

    im in this @dunnswood

  43. My entry the pallet wood recycle challenge 2015 🙂

  44. Bless you… http://youtu.be/XsZaG2zujvI. Here is my entry to helping out the wounded warriors.

  45. Here is my entry Sterling!
    Thank you fro the challenge and support!

  46. Paul Morgan says:

    just watched some of the vids concerning the challenge you have some great people and video entries do you have a winning entry. regards Paul from London

  47. Hey Sterling! Are you planning on doing another pallet challenge this year?

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