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Out of the way

I am all about storage.  In the tiny cabin that I am following as it progresses there is a need for storage.  This is an old drawer that was taken out of a broken down dresser with its original hardware. They put it into the bottom step of the stairway.   It is great fun to salvage old things and make them useful again.  Think out side the box.  When shopping at garage sales, flee markets or salvaging out old furniture, don’t think of what it is but what can be.  Check out the reclaimed wood in the stairs also.

Re-purposing Old Furniture

Re-purposing old furniture is gradually becoming the newest and most popular project to take up. The idea of taking something old, rejected and worn out for the purpose of recycling, is quite fun. With the world’s economy at a low state, folks really don’t have money to buy new stuff. Yet we can begin to grow tired of seeing the same interior decor in your home and long for a drastic change. It starts with going online and learning all the things one can do with the same boring items in their home.

You can consider using old suitcases piled together as a night stand. Try using rejected pallet boards to create new furniture. All that’s needed is some fresh paint or vanish if you prefer the rustic look. A bookcase can be used to shelve drinks and wine glasses. An antique chair can be spray painted and placed in your living room. If you have a broken washing machine, it can be used to store miscellaneous items. There are so many repurposing furniture ideas. Like how about nailing a slab of wood to the wall, then adding hooks to hold coffee mugs or cloaks.

Instead of having a boring center table, why not glue some family photos under the glass for viewing. This would also be a great conversation starter whenever you have visitors. Consider adhering a briefcase to the wall to use as a medicine cabinet. An old refrigerator can be used to store your kids toys while a broken T.V can serve as an indoor kennel for your pet. Repurposing furniture will come much easier if you are skilled in upholstery and have little knowledge of how to use a hammer and nail. Visit the variety of online sites that are dedicated to sharing ideas on repurposing furniture.

5 Good Ways To Repurpose Furniture

Used furniture may go for a small fraction of the original cost, but creatively re-purposed furniture often goes for more than the piece cost brand new. Here are 10 creative ways that anyone can give old furniture a new life.

1. Old Dresser to Train Table

A dresser is a typical bit of bedroom furniture. It is additionally a standout amongst the most much of the time supplanted pieces, alongside the bed. Drawers in the end stick or break, the look of the dresser goes out of style, or an expanding family finds they require more space. Whatever the purpose behind getting free of an old dresser, it doesn’t need to be the end.

2. Bookcase to Wine Rack

Old bookcases are as often as possible found at yard deals at reasonable costs or hurled along rural walkways, waiting for the rubbish gatherer to arrive. In any case, with a touch of paint and the some simple to-install wine glass and bottle holders, a little bookcase could without much of a stretch find another presence as a classy wine rack.
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What You Need to Know about Rustic log furniture

Rustic log furniture is a type of furniture that incorporates whole logs usage. Often, they are designed to have a pioneer kind of look. These types of furniture are very durable and last for a long period depending on the methods used to manufacture them.

Their popularity has increased in recent years resulting into more options and styles of décor being produced. For those planning to furnish their country homes, mountain lodges as well as log cabins, be assured to get the style of décor that you always desire. To cut on the cost of producing this furniture, logs are typically milled by machine in mass production. But, to those shoppers looking for a unique style, you may opt to go for handcrafted log furniture, though they are a bit expensive.

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Handmade Rustic Furniture

Rustic furniture simply refers to furniture that made from natural materials such as twigs, logs, sticks and rugged pieces of wood. These materials usually come direct from trees and undergo minimal processing in order to maintain their natural look.

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Re-purposed Furniture is the New Trend For an Elegant Interiors

There are many advantages to decorating a home with re-purposed furniture. For instance, it enables us to avoid waste, make something unique, and preserve a sense of history and at the same time save money. Besides, it’s great for the environment and it’s a durable and attractive solution for the home. Read more »