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My Sliding Door

The sliding barn door look is in. Most everywhere you look someone has put in a new sliding door. Some are new, used, rebuilt, custom fit, wood, metal and/or glass. So pretty much whatever your style and taste happen to be the is one for you.
Not only is this a design trend but it is practical! Doors that swing out or in take up space. And if you are like most who need a little extra space in their home or you are going for the minimalist look, sliding doors are great!
However, keep in mind that the door slides across the wall hiding part of your wall. So, if you want wall hangings they must be thin so the door will fit over them and you will only be able to view your picture when the door is closed. No again if you like more of a minimalist look maybe you don’t want a lot of wall hangings in the first place. With todays, faux painting and wall papers many looks can be achieved without pictures on the wall.
Another thing about these doors is that they can be make from most anything. You can even just use an old door.
Hardware is the other thing. Door handles can be purchased new or you may use about anything laying around to make a pull. I prefer old iron myself but have also seen rope and leather straps that give the door a rustic look. Or maybe you like the high polished look and a sleeker line. You could go with stainless steel or nickel. When it comes to the sliding mechanism these too can be ordered. I got mine thru Wal-Mart real cheap. Amazon also has some great deals.
About my door. It was made from reclaimed tongue and groove wood. After sorting through to find the least warped pieces I built a jig to make the door. By using a large piece of plywood, I aligned a 2 x 4 on the long vertical side and a 2×4 on the top side making a “L” shape. I used a level to make sure my jig was straight as possible.
I laid out my boards and dry fit them to make sure they would go together then used wood glue to hold them. I screwed in my cross pieces and cut the bottom off to length.
As you see from the picture I have not decided on a door pull yet so my search continues. I also have to decide what type of finish to put on my wood. I hope you like it!

Color and Finish for Hardwood Floors with Waterlox

So you want color in your floor?  If you can dream or desire it, then it may very well be possible.

All of our products are sold without sealer, stain or finish on them, so you can start with a blank canvas when selecting finish.  A raw wood floor has millions of possible combinations of finishes that you can play with.  Since we sell just the flooring, you will have your installer apply the finish.  The most common finish is some sort of clear coat like oil-modified polyurethane finishes.  These finishes can also be applied over traditional stains and dyes. 

Our recommendations tend to be slightly different than mainstream, though, because we like to see a finish that is repairable and doesn’t require extreme sanding between coats.  Our most popular floor is the kitchen sink mixed hardwoods engineered.  Since this is a textured floor where we work hard to maintain the beautiful original patina and texture, we would rather have the installer not do aggressive sanding on it because that removes the beauty that we tried to preserve.  Our engineered floors are presanded and prefilled so it only requires light buffing upon install.  Waterlox brand finishes perfectly complement this scenario for a textured floor that requires somewhat of a build on the coats to give a smooth feel over rougher areas and protect the wood.  They are also easily repairable where one can just wipe a little maintenance coat on scratches or traffic patterns which saves the homeowner many thousands of dollars over a full sand and refinish on their floor down the road.  Also the floor and finish can be lived on, used, and repaired for many lifetimes instead of prefinished floors which are notorious for not be able to be refinished or repaired.

Waterlox recently came out with a new product that gives the customer a one stop solution for achieving different color options.  Their buff-in-color True Tone finishes give you the option of a color compatible sealer coat all within one family of products.  The other advantage we see with this product is a slightly lower sheen than their satin finishes.  We did notice in some testing that the color tones tended to darken and take more aggressively on rougher or more textured areas of the floor.  One may want to experiment on different species and textures if using on our mixed hardwoods floor to be sure that the color tone is desirable.  In the attached picture you can see this product applied as a clear and two different variations of grey on some sample pieces.   For finish application instructions Waterlox has excellent information here: Waterlox Install Instructions.

  • Textured reclaimed mixed hardwoods w/ clear & Waterlox True Tone greys

    Textured reclaimed mixed hardwoods w/ clear & Waterlox True Tone greys

  • Fully sanded reclaimed oak with Waterlox True Tone

    Fully sanded reclaimed oak with Waterlox True Tone

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New Life

This is a very large Ash tree. It has lived out its life on a beautiful meadow, serving as part of a wind break. Last year in a big storm damaged it . Shame to let it go to waste, so it will have a new life as a counter top in a little cabin where it will be loved for many years to come. It is a slow process by the time it is cut, milled, dried and  put into use.  Can’t wait to show you the finished product.   The  video below is by George Vondriska and the WoodWorkers Guild of America.  Thank you so much for sharing.


Woodworking Tips – George Vondriska provides tips on how to use a backyard saw mill. A WoodWorkers Guild of America original video.



Pallet Wood

When it comes to recycling, wood pallets are a fabulous place to start.  They are fairly easy to get a hold of. if you contact your local recycling department or landfill and you can buy them pretty cheap or have them for free.  Also factories, feed stores, home improvement stores and construction companies will often be happy to part with them just to get rid of them.

pallet wood wall

If you look around everyone has a project for pallet wood.  From flooring, furniture, shelving and many decorative items.  The wood from pallets are usually a cheap or low grade material that can still give you that time worn look.  Above is a wall made from pallet wood with some drawers from an old dresser set into it.  This is in the cabin that I am following and the builder wanted a really rough look.


Keep in mind that using pallet wood is work.  I have put a video on the site that gives a quick how to on a pallet wood floor.  Please check it out.  The people who put it on have went to a lot of work for their floor but as you can see the payoff is so beautiful!  I am really proud for them on how their project turned out and would like to thank them for sharing.  As you can see in the video the pallet wood has a more finished look than in the picture above.  I love the fact there is a lot of versatility to this material.


I will post more on pallet wood projects.  Let me know what you are looking for.


Once upon a time is the days of the general stores, store keepers would have peanuts in the shells for there customers. At that time the store patrons were allowed to drop the peanut shells on the floor. Why?  Well, the shells would get crunched up by everybody walking them and act as a scrub for the wood floor helping to loosen dirt. Also the oil from the peanuts conditioned and protected the floor. Now I don’t know about you but as much as I love peanuts I don’t want them on my floor.

There are many different ways to achieve the same results as the peanuts. And weather we are talking about old or new wood it needs some protection. Varnish or polyurethane products work great on floors and tables. Anything that gets high foot traffic or you will need to scrub later like the dinning room table. Polyurethane product are self leveling and create a coating to act as a barrier between the wood and everything else, i.e., water,dirt, and food.

Oil, that comes from our wonderful peanuts, soaks in to the wood to condition it and repel water. Linseed oil is one of my favorites. This works well for fences, paneling, outdoor buildings and projects. I have become a big fan of Danish oil. Danish oil is a mix of varnish and oil. Danish oil is used for the in between items, like indoor signs, small tables and such. Most all the products can be purchased at the local hardware or home improvement store. Don’t forget to read the directions. With a little tender loving care your wood work will last forever.

Help in the Kitchen

With few boards can create and extra hand in the kitchen.  If you are like me you are always looking for that little bit of extra space to store or hold everything.  This is a simple utility shelf that was started out as a fish cleaning station.  My friend wanted a fish cleaning station but it turned out to pretty and wound up in the kitchen.  See how different finishes and types of wood really makes it stand out.  This project can be done with left over materials or reclaimed wood.  It adds a special focal point to this narrow kitchen and provided much need storage space. Not only is the functional but by using wood for this makes the light colored kitchen warm and rustic feel.

The Cabin

The Rusty Gold is following the making of a cabin.  It is a friends labor of love so some of the methods are a bit unorthodox.  I will bring you updates on progress from time to time.  Features are built from the inside out.  Most everything is made from reclaimed wood and found objects.  20160112_074928

These built in shelves are great for small collectibles. They are set between two studs and only wall thick.  Made from old barn wood, some weathered bead board and trim pieces. The one above is at the top of a stairway landing. The bottom picture is built into the wall about picture frame height.   Great little niche!  Tiny things like glass ware, figures, small pictures or any other little treasure work great here.  Stay with The Rusty Gold to see what they add to the cabin.  lighting, kitchen, and bathroom, etc.

What is Reclaimed Wood?

Reclaimed wood is just wood that has been extracted from its original use for doing other things with it. Most of this type of wood is extracted from decking and lumber found in old barns, coal mines, wine barrels, warehouses and factories. Reclaimed wood is mostly used for home building and decoration including furniture, siding, flooring and cabinetry. Reclaimed woods were once plentiful in America as they were inexpensive and abundant. Now you can only get a decent amount of wood through reclamation. Leaf pine is an important source of reclaimed wood today.

Leaf pine was much used in America during the Industrial Revolution because of its power to resist mold and insects. As this type of wood was abundant, it was used extensively. Red wood and American Chestnut were commonly used to build farms and other structures. However, a chestnut blight made the American Chestnut scant since 1904.

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Reclaimed Wood Furniture

Rustic, elegant, vintage, exotic, timeless are some of the words used to describe furniture made of reclaimed wood. Reclaimed wood or lumber is wood that retrieved, processed and designed into new furniture pieces. Reclaimed wood is sourced from old mines, warehouses, old barns and factories. Wood can also be harvested from boxcars and wine barrels. Even though reclaimed wood is used for a variety of different purposes, furniture is the most popular use of recycled lumber. Wood for reclaiming is normally in abundance bearing in mind that 50 years, wood was the building material of choice due to its cheap cost and ready availability. As natural wood sources have continued to dwindle, the industry has turned to the already used wood to make use of it again.

Reclaimed wood furniture has an exotic and timeless appearance and texture that is very alluring. In fact, antique and reclaimed wood pieces are normally confused. The fact that the reclaimed wood has been used and abandoned for a long time to the vulgarizes of nature makes the wood have a rustic look. Reclaimed can be designed and shaped to be used in making furniture or it can be used as it is with the carpenter working with the pieces available to create a furniture piece. This style is known as freestyle.
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Reclaimed Wood Siding An Affordable Alternative

A large number of homeowners have started opting for reclaimed wood siding, beams, flooring, molding, and paneling to improve the interiors of their homes. It is due to the fact that reclaimed wood siding allows you to preserve the forests,

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