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Dresser Drawers

Here is a little table that would make a great night stand or a kids desk.  The top is hinged and opens.  Taken from a dresser, the drawer was reused by putting  a top on it with hinges and setting it on a pedestal.

Out of the way

I am all about storage.  In the tiny cabin that I am following as it progresses there is a need for storage.  This is an old drawer that was taken out of a broken down dresser with its original hardware. They put it into the bottom step of the stairway.   It is great fun to salvage old things and make them useful again.  Think out side the box.  When shopping at garage sales, flee markets or salvaging out old furniture, don’t think of what it is but what can be.  Check out the reclaimed wood in the stairs also.

Old Purpose to New Life

Old and wore out meets new life with this piece. A tattered cream can has been re-purposed as a vase to arrange artificial flowers. Be creative when selecting items. Just because it is no longer useful for its original purpose does not mean it will not be useful for you.

How to:

Select your container of choice. Insert floral foam. Arrange flowers or other decorative items to your liking and stick into the foam to hold in place.

This simple project is perfect for an accent in your home, brightening up a dark corner, or a nice keepsake for wedding flowers or other special flower arrangements.

Re-purposing Your Frames

There are many benefits of re-purposing. Aside from reducing wastage, it is a splendid way of diversifying an item. Everyone desires an item that can perform multiple tasks, or better yet, one that can be transformed into new use after it becomes old and no longer able to perform its original function. In light of the fact that re-purposing and reuse is steadily gaining recognition, there is a mad rush among many to try and understand how to go about this ingenuous concept. This article therefore comes in handy by taking a look at how to turn old picture frames into serving trays, in a step-wise manner.

Measure for the center – By use of a tape measure, determine the size of removable panel along back of frame and then add an additional inch to this measurement to account for the overlap needed for screw placement.
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Add a Mirror To Add Instant Light To Your Living Space

If you are a person looking for ways and the means to make your home look more appealing than ever, then you may want to consider putting up a decorative mirror or two in your home. These come in an array of designs, sizes and shapes. They are a creative way to enhance the look of your home instantly. Even though they are more expensive than their ordinary counterparts, they are still in huge demand because people see them as an excellent value addition to their home.
Mirrors are both functional as well as decorative. Bathroom mirrors are functional in that we make use of them regularly to examine the way we look. Decorative mirrors on the other hand help in improving the look of a home. They are accent pieces that are used in the dining and living room spaces for decorative purpose. An antique design, for instance can help bring more light inside a room while imparting an impression of timelessness.
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Re-purposed And Recycled Decorating Projects – Turn Trash Into Gold

More and more people now seem to be getting into re-purposed and recycled decorating projects. Another term being used to describe this practice is “Up-cycling”. These re-purposed decorating projects are not just limited to home interiors. They can also be used for exterior or garden projects as well.

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Reclaimed Wood Siding An Affordable Alternative

A large number of homeowners have started opting for reclaimed wood siding, beams, flooring, molding, and paneling to improve the interiors of their homes. It is due to the fact that reclaimed wood siding allows you to preserve the forests,

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Vintage Reborn

There are people that buy brand and plush new furniture at exorbitant prices and then there are people like me who enjoy buying old, although I prefer calling it “vintage”, furniture and décor from the flea markets and adding my own touch to it. To me, it is the process of creating something new and usable out of something discarded as unwanted.

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