DeWALT dcs391 18v 20v and flexivolt circular saw bevel angle and cutting wood!

This is the Dewalt DCS391 XR 18v cordless lithium ion powered 165mm circular saw or trim saw. The fact is if you are a Dewalt fan you are going to buy this! If you are a Makita fan, then you should buy this 🙂 but you probably wont. Today I’m making a hexagonal planter out of some scrap timber I had lying around from a decorating job. Fed up of seeing the timber wasting away, I thought I would try to transform it into something a bit worthwhile.

The end result is a shabby chic hex planter that cost me nothing but a bit of time and a few screws on a St Georges Day sunny afternoon.

The saw was great for cutting the timber, I only wish I was more skilled with the tools and didn’t rush things, but I guess that is what recycling or up cycling or whatever you call it is all about. Have a go, create something, it might be awful, it might be a work of genius, but unless you try you will never know. But the tools you use are very much the basis of any good project and with this and other great DeWALT tools you are in pretty safe hands!

Dewalt DCS391 here
4.0ah batteries here
replacement blades here

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