Diresta: Upcycling Packaging

I buy these glasses about 1 pair per month! I lose them, break them, scratch them! I have many of the boxes – I cant toss them because they are well made!! So here I make a small parts drawer .. i use wenge wood to make a “cabinet” to house the drawers!

Jimmy DiResta:
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38 Responses to “Diresta: Upcycling Packaging”

  1. Josue Mendez says:

    oh noo, what happen to your left thumb,,,?.

  2. Bob Marley says:

    but it doesn't have your trademark DIRESTA emblem anywhere

  3. Craig Bainum says:

    What's it like to wake up every day knowing you are going to make something?

  4. I dont wear glasses so i am stuck

  5. The wood was so nice. Why didn't you just put a hard finish on it instead of painting?

  6. egads2 says:

    Cute idea. Prefer wood though.

  7. That wenge wood is some interesting stuff, sounds so dry and clanky, looks nice though!

  8. Sunny 20 says:

    I'd like all those chipmunks next to me while I'm working too

  9. Willie Pirie says:

    Very clever and very cool

  10. Yep… I need one of these

  11. Dang Jimmy, never knew old glasses boxes could make such a nice beautiful product.

  12. Gary Cooper says:

    This is a lot of work to get the same result you would get by just stacking the boxes and gluing them. You could even paint the outsides black if you want to.

  13. видео о том как пересрать ореховую доску.

  14. Da A says:

    Expensive habit.

  15. Nathan Bvids says:

    That's a lot of tape measures .

  16. Fbsk85757 says:

    Why do you have so many glasses?

  17. Tuur Janssen says:

    when the majority of your subscribers subbed only to watch Diresta…

  18. Ông thần này khéo tay vãi đái.

  19. Andre Justi says:

    Como é bom ter ferramentas.

  20. Jimmy you're the master of Make:

  21. Whats the brand of these glasses?

  22. Are those reading glasses or can prescription lenses be fitted to them? I love the frames. I wanna give a big thanks to the Diresta family for all the great videos.You're an inspiration for us all. Anyways, sup fuckers…;)

  23. mvh808 says:

    Or you could do this in about 2 minutes with a hot glue gun.

  24. Billy says:

    that is so lazy… great idea!

  25. Jeremy Paul says:

    Can u post the link to where I can get the glasses ? I'd like to get some

  26. I really love this diresta guys videos, he nails it, everytime

  27. lilturk726 says:

    New miter saw and a new table saw?

  28. I doubt its strength

  29. Dztronic says:

    is there some Mignions helping him?

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