Garage & Workshop Storage Solutions

Garage & Workshop Storage Solutions for bikes, tools, garden tools, workshop tools, ladders and other stuff… Storage Ideas to help you get organized.


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  1. You can wall mount the pegboard by framing the pegboard with 1×2's (I would also run one 1×2 down the middle at the 4Ft mark) Then attach it to the wall securely. Good luck!

  2. It's ok, what I did was take two posts and slammed a pegboard (a few boards to act as a mount) between them, 8 feet of pegboard next to a workbench that I threw together.
    Also I took a garden hose that had a hole and cut it into pieces and nailed it to a 2×4 to put screwdrivers in. I made about 100 of them for about 100 different screwdrivers and pliers ect ect. that I don't hang on the pegboard. (The 2×4 is also part of the mount that holds the pegboard up on the bottom part)

  3. Right now I have two major things I have to deal with. 1. 3 boxes of paint supplies is not going to fit on the pegboard. 2. A box of different assorted drillbits and how to sort them out so that I can find a bit FAST.
    The pegboard works (I think I did use 1×2's not 2x4s).
    Maybe if I ever get the basement clean I'll take a picture but right now I'm busy trying to make a sail kit for my inflatable boat, just google inflatable boat instructables you'll see what I mean.

  4. I came across your channel looking for ideas to better organize my garage and I loved the idea of having a mezzanine. sadly there is not much out there discussing or instructional videos on how to go about building one. any advice would help. THANKS

  5. woody1977321 says:

    Your going to need a bigger workshop!

  6. jkopvo says:

    Very impressive, Rob!

  7. Basically it's like building a floor in your house only to support less weight. I "sistered" 2×4's to the existing 2×4 wall studs. On top of those I placed my 2x4x16's as floor joists, cross braced them and tied them into the rafters (in the middle) for extra support, then added 1/2" OSB 4×8 sheets to the top. Good Luck with your build!

  8. Then he schuld see my workshop.

  9. Chris Brown says:

    Vey nice!!! I really like your sliding wall tool storage. Im going to have to find the plans for that!!!!!

  10. "ShopNotes magazine volume 13 issue #77 - Sliding-Door Shop Cabinet". It's a big project but it's AWESOME! Thanks for your comment and Good Luck!

  11. nice video, some good ideas for my nearly completed shed. thanks

  12. Nice job. I like the idea for the bicycle support. I have a mezzanine also, I will be using your tricks. Thanks again.

  13. whimpey109 says:

    Thanks for posting this great video, Rob! With some dedication you can maintain order and have everything you need at hand! Good idea to have the bikes out of the way because they consume lots of space and now you don't have to endlessly move them around! The only disadventage I have with having lots of tools ia that everybody drops by to order and pick what they don't like to buy them for themselves or have somewhere laying around!:-)

  14. dufftime says:

    great looking garage, and great ideas. thanks for the vid.

  15. dirtTdude says:

    I got my ladders outside, under the eaves now, i'm getting rid of my radial arm saw, I keep my bicycles in my bedroom and the cars stay outside …

  16. wayd19 says:

    Dude the angled dowels idea is awesome. I'm using it.
    I'm not kidding (-;

  17. Very nice! Keep them coming.

  18. thornwarbler says:

    I'd be careful the local scrotes dont pay you a visit one night and lift the lot if i had all that on display round here the lot would be away within a week. Great storage and workshop though

  19. vincent7520 says:

    Bet that with these shovels and hockey sticks you don't live is southern Arizona  !!!
    Thanks for posting !

  20. Brian Miller says:

    Wow, you've done a great job! I'm going to apply some of those ideas to my shop. Thanks.

  21. 1234tric says:

    Rob, great job. I would like for you to have slowed it down just a little, and gave us more of some close up of your shop things.

  22. Robert Gray says:


  23. j charles says:

    I congratulate you!!!!, amazing garage, one place for each stuff and each stuff in its  place!!!
    Greetings from México!!!

  24. amber cutter says:

    I am currently in the process of organizing my garage ……… I will be using several of your tips. Thank you!

  25. Gostei da sua organização da sua oficina!!!!!!

  26. Gitar Zan says:

    Box of 50 assorted pegs. 8 bucks at Harbor Freight One of their best kept secrets. They have a few few specialty shape racks too. A dab of clear caulk in the peg hole holds them in place and still looks ok.

  27. acarrig says:

    Great Ideas.  I'm working on reorganizing my shop area.  I'm defiantly using your pegboard sliding door idea.  Thanks.

  28. Are you Canadian or just northern Wisconsin?

  29. What kind of things do you fix or create in your workshop by the way I live in northwest Ohio.

  30. N. I. says:

    Good video. Are you from GTA area? Working in garage for hobby projects during winter is not easy. I am planning to move all tools in basement as garage is only functional 2-4 months.

  31. Jon Bennett says:

    fellow Canadian here.. how much to recruit you to do my garage!?

  32. Dean Scott says:

    Great video and good ideas. I was wondering about your vacuum system. Could you give some ideas how you did yours? Also I like the sliding tool storage. Could you share where you got that?

  33. Mikel Kd says:

    Great tips and super organized, love it.  It also looks like the display case has a slot in it for the circular saw to 'drop into' it…but not sure.  Same for what looks like a jig saw in the vid.  Is that what you did?… if not, think i'm going to do it when I make my power tool display.  Nice Nice Nice, thanks so much!!  🙂

  34. Hi, cool video. May I ask – how do your cupboard doors slide? Wheels or rails like draw rails? I'm considering creating some with draw rails but am interested in your opinion, please.

  35. This video gave me some great shop organization ideas. I already made a pegboard organizer. It would be cool if you would let me know what you think.

  36. Some of your storage ideas brought back memories I had forgotten about! Thank you! I am getting ready to build a work shed and am glad I saw your video! I am totally going to do your sliding door and the screwdrivers holder and the ball rack! Thank you!

  37. Gar Bow says:

    I have seen very little on here about the radial arm saw, but you have one! Can you do a more in depth video just on the radial arm saw and how you built the cabinet and work bench around it??? I'm building a shed/workshop this summer (I hope) and space is limited (20×20) so I have to fit my RAS in there! It's free standing with a separate bench right now.

  38. some great ideas, thanks for sharing.

  39. is there a room above the mezz?

  40. Kevin Vokey says:

    I like the dust collection piping. I haven't settled on if I'll bother with it in my shop (which is why I'm here gathering ideas for my own place), but it's neat and quite out of the way in yours.

  41. Ray Manley says:

    those metal clips for the pegboard…. The hardware store has a black plastic clip to hold them in place (clips into holes beside the clip0…. available in Canada anyways ……

  42. von collins says:

    Thanks for the video. I just recently got done building a shed and your storage ideas will work wonders for my new shed!

  43. The tissue roll is on backwards!

  44. nokaut456 says:

    hi rob,good ideas for my workshop,thanks for that

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