How to Decoupage Furniture with Napkins a Table

chalk paint on vintage table / to purchase what you need click below:

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28 Responses to “How to Decoupage Furniture with Napkins a Table”

  1. Manu Bindra says:

    Hi.. It was great watching ur video. I have a question.. What is the final coat of.?

  2. Sally Yotz says:

    Just found this video. Beautiful!! I have a quick question. Did you use crackle on the paint or did the paint crackle all on its own? I love that look! I'm decorating my bedroom in shabby chic and this would be a beautiful touch I believe.

  3. yenaro fluor says:

    beautifull work. but in spanish please . froom chile

  4. Stacey Miles says:

    It was beautiful !! Great job

  5. Ngoc Nguyen says:

    wow the table looks gorgeous now!!

  6. Wonderful instruction and gorgeous results! Just subbed. Have a blessed day!

  7. Dippity Do says:

    "It was really beat up and this is the exact type of project that I love to work on. I want to take something that NOBODY else wants and actually turn into something really pretty again." <—-what you said is what I love to do also
    I love the crackle look of the chalk paint

  8. The flowers are lovely.

  9. It came out beautiful. Unfortunately, that one large dark oval spot on top I found distracting, otherwise, excellent!

  10. MGM Lioness says:

    this, right here, is what i want and need to do… i don't have the living space for it, but it's on my list of goals… this came out beautiful, i enjoyed every second watching you

  11. Khadija Zerr says:

    beautiful !
    what did you use for the top coat ?

  12. J Cook says:

    hi I absolutely love all yr projects especially this one, I've watched loads of others but yes is by far the most helpful, I've just finished my first little cabinet, I did exactly what you advised and it looks so beautiful. so many thanks. I've just subscribed so looking forward to your next upload. Many thanks….

  13. missbridjety says:

    Hi can you list your music? Love what you did and will be going through you videos. I absolutely will like this video and any others that I like whether I try them out or not! And thanks for this one.

  14. Emily Poole says:

    Found your page…Happy dance! Love this table.

  15. Hi what is the name of the Napkin decoupage glue that you recommend? instead of mod podge. love all your crafts. big fan of your crafts.

  16. Lucas Rocha says:

    A mesa era bonita como estava antes .Nilce Rocha

  17. Absolutely Beautiful! I LOVE IT!

  18. This is gorgeous. I want to do a table and this was a good demo. Glad I found ur channel. Good demo & instructions on decoupage. Thank you for sharing.

  19. Sandra Cruz says:

    I love this. You inspired me to do a furniture piece. I'm currently working on it. I want to make sure I have it right. after you put images and they dry, you put glue over the images then you put another coat of glue over the images again or the whole surface? then apply the top coat?

  20. Hi Patti,

    I love your tutorials. You take decoupage to a whole new level 🙂

    Quick question – I tried decoupaging my dresser drawers. I used paper napkins and mod podge but when I tried to apply a fresh coat of mod podge after it dried for some reason the paper was coming off from some edges and there were some bubbles formed. I used paint brush and lightly stroked the decoupage glue. Dunno what went wrong though. Could you suggest something ?

    Thanks, God bless you !

  21. Meghna Dewan says:

    hey i love this … i love designing and creating new stuff .. would to follow u on insta n facebook . also please guide me with the material one more time.. what was the last coat u put on the table of ?… can u just put the names of the product used here once for me . thanks a ton. u r a complete star

  22. Wow! This is fantastic 🙂 Thank you for your inspiration. x

  23. Tanya Caso says:

    Thanks for this great video, easy to follow and very inspiring. I wanted to ask if you use only layer of Varnish or two? and when do you apply the varnish? how many hours after you have covered the decoupage roses with the glue. Also I have a table similar from a junk shop which is dark wood and high gloss varnish. Should I sand this down before beginning the project to remove all varnish or can I paint on top of existing Varnish. Many thanks for an enjoyable video.

  24. MARIA KENT says:

    Can I use magazine or newspaper images instead of napkins?

  25. Queen Crafts says:

    You did a beautiful job.

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