IKEA Hacking: Upcycling a Drawer Unit

Sure, most furniture IKEA sells are flat pack, laminate, things, but there are also quite a few items made of raw untreated wood. In this video we’re looking to upcycle a Moppe drawer unit, taking it from raw plywood to a classy Mahogany stained eye-catcher!

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Nicolai Heidlas – Sunny Afternoon
CC BY 4.0

Bouges-le-Château (Indre). by Daniel Jolivet
CC BY 2.0

IKEA HACK 04 by Auguste & Claire
CC BY 3.0


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20 Responses to “IKEA Hacking: Upcycling a Drawer Unit”

  1. mintea says:

    This is a really great hack.its a shame ikea are phasing these out.

  2. Ohhhh a lot of work but could you tell me what the nargle was that needed to be hidden?  Why put it in there and take it out if you didn't want us to see?

  3. Bob Bob says:

    great video, annoying music

  4. Vax Buster says:

    I got my Nargles caught in a draw once, it was very painful!

  5. awesome!

    Also, you could glue soft cloth pieces to the bottom of each box to prevent scratches and noise

  6. Am I the only one here, continued to watch this video just because of the way he speaks?

    It's fascinating!

  7. It looks gorgeous!

  8. As an electrician, I line up the screw heads on receptacle and switch plates, it's called trim etiquette.

  9. Which spray varnish is being used here?

  10. Anyone know the height of one of the drawers? I have some modeling supplies that are about 3-4" high. Ikea site only lists the dimensions of the entire product.

  11. Well done!! Its terrific. You do an amazing job editing and narrating the video.

  12. Montrius91 says:

    I'm sorry, what the exact size of handles you used? I mean width and height.
    P.S. Great work!

  13. This looks amazing! That's exactly the color of stain I love. You've done an excellent job!

  14. I like how you say "sploches" new subscriber 🙂

  15. Terese Duffy says:

    You can eliminate the possibility of the used rags spontaneously combusting by hanging the rags outside like you would do with laundry until they are completely dry (over night).  Then you can dispose of them in the trash.

  16. I like this video. Before you actually started working on it I thought the unit was massive. Like a chest of drawers for clothes. Made me laugh when I saw how tiny it is. 

    Ikea hacks are pretty cool.

  17. "pain builds character" :D:D:D I love it.. this was so funny that i subscribed

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