Upcycling old plank of wood and mirrors~Time lapsed

Upcycled plank with mirrors. source

A DIY Upcycling Project. Vintage Suitcase Turns Medicine Cabinet | DIY Bathroom Vanity

Upcycling can be so much fun. We found a vintage suitcase and turned it into a unique DIY bathroom vanity / DIY medicine cabinet for our kids bathroom! Check it out: bit.ly/suitcasecabinet source

Upcycling Projects 4

Valley Today source

11 – Projects for Kids – Round Trip Upcycling

In this episode, we cover projects you can make for AND with your kids! Subscribe to Round Trip Upcycling on YouTube: Like Round Trip Upcycling on Facebook: *** FEATURED LINKS*** CookingandCrafting – Babble – iCreatables – greengrackle – PBS Parents […]

Diresta: Upcycling Packaging

I buy these glasses about 1 pair per month! I lose them, break them, scratch them! I have many of the boxes – I cant toss them because they are well made!! So here I make a small parts drawer […]


How to Build a Wood Bike Stand!

Build a simple wood bike stand out of a piece of 2×4 and 2×6. It is a great project for the weekend or if your bike doesn’t stand up by itself. If you like this project please give it a thumbs up and subscribe for more woodworking videos every Tuesday!



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2 – Gardening Projects – Round Trip Upcycling

In this episode, we cover upcycling projects you can use to prepare for gardening.

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Atomic Shrimp’s CD Spindle Propagator video:

Manhattan Wood Project’s Seedling Cart video:

thebgis’s Awkward Thumbs video:

Linda Peterson’s Hanging Herb Garden video:

Larry Hall’s Self Watering Bottle Garden build video:

Larry Hall’s Self Watering Bottle Garden planting video:

Provident Living’s Bottle Drip Irrigation site:

Permaculture’s Old Umbrella article site:

Manhattan Wood Project’s Gardening Six Pack video:

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DIY Projects 10 Best Wood Pallet Projects With Modern Upcycling Ideas to Personalize Your Space DIY


Office Meeting Table From Pallets – Pallet Up Cycle Challenge 2015

Reusing pallet wood is quite the challenge. If you find quality pallets, break them down efficiently, and spend time milling them, there is actually some great wood to be found. I cut up around 10 pallets to get enough wood to build a small meeting table for my office. I ended up with many different types of wood, such as, red oak, white oak, pine, poplar, cedar, cypress, maple, a very fibrous reddish hardwood, and one more type I couldn’t identify (kind of like maple but was greyish). It was a fun experience. My small jointer and planer were begging to be done after all that work. The size is 42″Lx42″Wx31″H. The base was made with poplar lumber found at a construction site dumpster. They were great to keep the base unfinished and rugged.

I blacken the screws on my Big Green Egg grill. Check out the app I created for Big Green Egg grills. Green Egg Nation –

This video is for the 2nd Annual Pallet Up Cycle Challenge put on by Sterling Davis.


Download DIY Wood Pallet Projects 35 Rustic Modern Upcycling Ideas to Personalize Your Space Book


My Pallet Up Cycling Challenge Project 2014

This is my video of my Pallet up cycling Challenge 2014. Serling Davis here on youtube put on this challenge. The basics of it is get a pallet and make something.
Here is the playlist.

I also added a twist to this video, I added a contest to name the big tool I used to take the pallet apart. It maybe and easy one but I haven’t seen too many of these, so I thought I would have a bit of fun. The big tool worked well but busted a bit more of the pallet than I had wanted.


DIY: Pallet-Able Upcycling | The Cheap Life with Jeff Yeager | AARP

Today I show you two special DIY projects to upcycle those wooden pallets you were trying to throw away.

The Cheap Life with Jeff Yeager is all about living the good life, only at a fraction of the cost. It’s not just about spending less, it’s about spending smart. It’s about deciding what you want out of life, and how you can afford to make it all happen.

Each week Jeff shares tips and tricks for how you can pay less for just about everything, reuse just about anything, and get the most out of life and your hard earned cashola.

Viewers will have plenty of chances to to win cheapskate swag by sharing their best, most creative cheapskate tips and tricks with Jeff and the rest of the cheapskate nation.

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DIY: Pallet-Able Upcycling | The Cheap Life with Jeff Yeager | AARP


upcycling ideas, pallet project pen / pencil pot

A new upcycling idea. I am upcycling some old wooden pallets to make a pen / pencil pot with a chalk board side.

This would make a great gift for kids and is a fun craft project to do.

The power tools i used and camera equipment are :-

Erbauer mitre saw

Scheppach HS105 table saw

Bosch PEX 4oo AE Sander

Record Power BS 250 Bandsaw

Nikon D3200 camera

Sigma 50mm 1.4 lanse


Upcycling Wood

A project from Toms Mazjanis, realised at the Latvian Art Academy. Spring 2014

Mentor: Charles Bourrier
Movie director: Simon Koekkoek
Montage: Toms Mazjanis

The “micro factory” is an experiment conducted by the teachers of the Product Design department of the Art Academy Of Latvia.

Students have been given 1 full day of product design class each week, rather than the current 90 minutes of product design class each week (with the exception of the last study semester).

This experiment has been made possible thanks to the teaching team in the product design department who moved their lectures to times that were not the best suited for them and provided support to the students, the visual communication department of the Art Academy of Latvia, the deep implication of the participating students. And volunteer work from diverse academic staff members.


47 – Pallet Wall Wood Storage – Manhattan Wood Project

Too much wood, and not enough room to store it!

This is my entry into Sterling Davis’ 2016 pallet upcycling challenge. Check out all the rest of the entries by going to this playlist, there are some fantastic projects!

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