50 Upcycling Projects: From Trash to Treasure – Part 1

There’s a trend on the décor scene that keeps on coming back for more and it’s known as “upcycling.” source

Up-Cycling! Dumpster Diving – Reclaimed Table! 50 Dollar Wood Shop

Did A little dumpster diving an up-cycling to build this reclaimed wood rustic table. The 50 Dollar Wood Shop Is at it again. Up-cycling Trash! Trash to Treasure and make money with your woodworking. -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: “Flawless layout with […]

DIY Upcycling Projects to Spruce Up Your Outdoor Area

Hometalker Kim loves upcycling and repurposing! Check out her projects with old lamps. jars, and end tables! Visit hometalk.com for more ideas. source

upcycling wood pallets

My process on how to break down pallets for use as lumber. source

Project Idea Country House Pianella Pescara

The project idea regards the conversion of a residential building, located on Pianella (PE) hills, into a Country House with an external pool and solarium, a private park and a building for animal and equipment’s storage. The existing building extends […]


15 – Pallet Furniture Projects – Round Trip Upcycling

In this episode, we cover furniture that can be made from pallets.

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shaneconlan1 – How to Build a Hall Table. Using Recycled Pallet Wood. –

WoodWorkWeb – Pallet Furniture Bookshelf –

The Dirt Effect – Build Your Own Pallet Table – Back Dated Furniture –

I Like To Make Stuff – How to make a bench from reclaimed pallets –

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Pallet Upcycle Challenge 2014 – Woodworking

This is my entry for Sterling Davis Pallet Upcycle Challenge.
I wanded to make an easy project that I could put to good use in my home. So I made a Guitar Stand.

I want to thank Sterling Davis for putting on the Pallet Up Cycle Challenge!
Sterling Davis YouTube Channel:


100’s of DIY Wooden Pallet Upcycling Ideas

DIY Today Online | To kick off your craftsmanship and ideas, Diy Today Online have consolidated over 100’s of our favorite collection of diy pallet upcycling ideas, diy projects and furnishings for your home, yard and garden we think are fabulous by various artists worldwide. We hope you enjoy this upcoming video will inspire your next diy upcycling project. – Visit us at diytodayonlinenetwork.blogspot.com


Rustic wine cabinet. Pallet wood upcycling project. Easy and fun to build!

I designed this wine rack to resemble a re-purposed wooden crate and built it using scraps of pallet wood. It’s a great conversation piece and if you are thinking about making some extra money woodworking, this piece sells well. Free plans and more info about this project:

Woodworking For Mere Mortals. Easy woodworking projects every Friday.

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1 – Pallet Projects – Round Trip Upcycling

In this series premiere, we cover pallet wood projects that don’t look like they came from pallets.

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Manhattan Wood Project:

Izzy Swan’s EIzzy Bar video:

ClearVue Cyclone’s EIzzy Bar site:

Chris Demetrick’s Pallet Swords video:

Manhattan Wood Project’s Pallet Patio Storage Bench video:

Tim Russell’s Headboard and Lamp: No public link available, sorry.

Mike Merzke’s Woodshop Confessions Headboard video:

Merzke Custom Woodworking (Headboard and Nightstand):

Sterling Davis’ Pallet Upcycle Challenge playlist:

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Color and Finish for Hardwood Floors with Waterlox

So you want color in your floor?  If you can dream or desire it, then it may very well be possible.

All of our products are sold without sealer, stain or finish on them, so you can start with a blank canvas when selecting finish.  A raw wood floor has millions of possible combinations of finishes that you can play with.  Since we sell just the flooring, you will have your installer apply the finish.  The most common finish is some sort of clear coat like oil-modified polyurethane finishes.  These finishes can also be applied over traditional stains and dyes. 

Our recommendations tend to be slightly different than mainstream, though, because we like to see a finish that is repairable and doesn’t require extreme sanding between coats.  Our most popular floor is the kitchen sink mixed hardwoods engineered.  Since this is a textured floor where we work hard to maintain the beautiful original patina and texture, we would rather have the installer not do aggressive sanding on it because that removes the beauty that we tried to preserve.  Our engineered floors are presanded and prefilled so it only requires light buffing upon install.  Waterlox brand finishes perfectly complement this scenario for a textured floor that requires somewhat of a build on the coats to give a smooth feel over rougher areas and protect the wood.  They are also easily repairable where one can just wipe a little maintenance coat on scratches or traffic patterns which saves the homeowner many thousands of dollars over a full sand and refinish on their floor down the road.  Also the floor and finish can be lived on, used, and repaired for many lifetimes instead of prefinished floors which are notorious for not be able to be refinished or repaired.

Waterlox recently came out with a new product that gives the customer a one stop solution for achieving different color options.  Their buff-in-color True Tone finishes give you the option of a color compatible sealer coat all within one family of products.  The other advantage we see with this product is a slightly lower sheen than their satin finishes.  We did notice in some testing that the color tones tended to darken and take more aggressively on rougher or more textured areas of the floor.  One may want to experiment on different species and textures if using on our mixed hardwoods floor to be sure that the color tone is desirable.  In the attached picture you can see this product applied as a clear and two different variations of grey on some sample pieces.   For finish application instructions Waterlox has excellent information here: Waterlox Install Instructions.

  • Textured reclaimed mixed hardwoods w/ clear & Waterlox True Tone greys

    Textured reclaimed mixed hardwoods w/ clear & Waterlox True Tone greys

  • Fully sanded reclaimed oak with Waterlox True Tone

    Fully sanded reclaimed oak with Waterlox True Tone

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Hidden Island

In the cabin that my friend is working on the kitchen is very small. It is a galley kitchen. I thought that a island would be great but in the way. This is what we came up with. In the picture is an island that we built. The cool thing, it will slide under the main countertop when not in use. The heavy duty casters are hidden under the island and it rolls very easy. Nice to tuck it out of the way but have it accessible any time.

This was made out of white pine. The crate drawers, one was bought at our local home improvement store. The rest of the we made with scraps. Pretty proud of that as it is hard to tell the store ones from the homemade ones.

For the finish it is still undecided. Thinking about a burnt look. By using a torch to scorch a little of the soft wood and the clear coat or stain it looks great. If you are using the torch go back and forth like you were spray painting. Try to use long even strokes. And please be careful. Don’t set the shop on fire! You may want to practice with some scrap until you get the look you want. The picture below is how ours turned out. See the difference between the top drawer that is burnt and the next one that is not.

Burnt wood

New Life

This is a very large Ash tree. It has lived out its life on a beautiful meadow, serving as part of a wind break. Last year in a big storm damaged it . Shame to let it go to waste, so it will have a new life as a counter top in a little cabin where it will be loved for many years to come. It is a slow process by the time it is cut, milled, dried and  put into use.  Can’t wait to show you the finished product.   The  video below is by George Vondriska and the WoodWorkers Guild of America.  Thank you so much for sharing.


Woodworking Tips – George Vondriska provides tips on how to use a backyard saw mill. A WoodWorkers Guild of America original video.



O’s Cabin

Hey check it out!  This little cabin is great fun with all the rustic charm you would expect out of an house prairie.  The weathered logs make it fun and more authentic looking.  If you use newly cut logs don’t worry they will turn grey in no time at all.  There are also my places to buy faux log siding.

Pallet Wood

When it comes to recycling, wood pallets are a fabulous place to start.  They are fairly easy to get a hold of. if you contact your local recycling department or landfill and you can buy them pretty cheap or have them for free.  Also factories, feed stores, home improvement stores and construction companies will often be happy to part with them just to get rid of them.

pallet wood wall

If you look around everyone has a project for pallet wood.  From flooring, furniture, shelving and many decorative items.  The wood from pallets are usually a cheap or low grade material that can still give you that time worn look.  Above is a wall made from pallet wood with some drawers from an old dresser set into it.  This is in the cabin that I am following and the builder wanted a really rough look.


Keep in mind that using pallet wood is work.  I have put a video on the site that gives a quick how to on a pallet wood floor.  Please check it out.  The people who put it on have went to a lot of work for their floor but as you can see the payoff is so beautiful!  I am really proud for them on how their project turned out and would like to thank them for sharing.  As you can see in the video the pallet wood has a more finished look than in the picture above.  I love the fact there is a lot of versatility to this material.


I will post more on pallet wood projects.  Let me know what you are looking for.