Upcycling old plank of wood and mirrors~Time lapsed

Upcycled plank with mirrors. source

A DIY Upcycling Project. Vintage Suitcase Turns Medicine Cabinet | DIY Bathroom Vanity

Upcycling can be so much fun. We found a vintage suitcase and turned it into a unique DIY bathroom vanity / DIY medicine cabinet for our kids bathroom! Check it out: bit.ly/suitcasecabinet source

Upcycling Projects 4

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11 – Projects for Kids – Round Trip Upcycling

In this episode, we cover projects you can make for AND with your kids! Subscribe to Round Trip Upcycling on YouTube: Like Round Trip Upcycling on Facebook: *** FEATURED LINKS*** CookingandCrafting – Babble – iCreatables – greengrackle – PBS Parents […]

Diresta: Upcycling Packaging

I buy these glasses about 1 pair per month! I lose them, break them, scratch them! I have many of the boxes – I cant toss them because they are well made!! So here I make a small parts drawer […]


Out of the way

I am all about storage.  In the tiny cabin that I am following as it progresses there is a need for storage.  This is an old drawer that was taken out of a broken down dresser with its original hardware. They put it into the bottom step of the stairway.   It is great fun to salvage old things and make them useful again.  Think out side the box.  When shopping at garage sales, flee markets or salvaging out old furniture, don’t think of what it is but what can be.  Check out the reclaimed wood in the stairs also.

Help in the Kitchen

With few boards can create and extra hand in the kitchen.  If you are like me you are always looking for that little bit of extra space to store or hold everything.  This is a simple utility shelf that was started out as a fish cleaning station.  My friend wanted a fish cleaning station but it turned out to pretty and wound up in the kitchen.  See how different finishes and types of wood really makes it stand out.  This project can be done with left over materials or reclaimed wood.  It adds a special focal point to this narrow kitchen and provided much need storage space. Not only is the functional but by using wood for this makes the light colored kitchen warm and rustic feel.

The Cabin

The Rusty Gold is following the making of a cabin.  It is a friends labor of love so some of the methods are a bit unorthodox.  I will bring you updates on progress from time to time.  Features are built from the inside out.  Most everything is made from reclaimed wood and found objects.  20160112_074928

These built in shelves are great for small collectibles. They are set between two studs and only wall thick.  Made from old barn wood, some weathered bead board and trim pieces. The one above is at the top of a stairway landing. The bottom picture is built into the wall about picture frame height.   Great little niche!  Tiny things like glass ware, figures, small pictures or any other little treasure work great here.  Stay with The Rusty Gold to see what they add to the cabin.  lighting, kitchen, and bathroom, etc.

End Tables

End Tables are a great accent to any room.  Not to mention a place to put your stuff! This is made out of an old pot belly stove with a piece of wood for the top. The door still opens to provide extra storage. This table can be left as is or  can be painted flat black to resemble a new stove. You can be bold and tap into your own creative nature and experiment with different colors.  Be sure when cutting unwanted pieces or edges from old iron you are careful.  Rusty metal can be a hazard if you cut yourself.  Don’t hesitate to ask for help or even consult a professional.  I will post more on end tables every now and then in the never ending quest to find just the right one.



Old Purpose to New Life

Old and wore out meets new life with this piece. A tattered cream can has been re-purposed as a vase to arrange artificial flowers. Be creative when selecting items. Just because it is no longer useful for its original purpose does not mean it will not be useful for you.

How to:

Select your container of choice. Insert floral foam. Arrange flowers or other decorative items to your liking and stick into the foam to hold in place.

This simple project is perfect for an accent in your home, brightening up a dark corner, or a nice keepsake for wedding flowers or other special flower arrangements.

Shelves for small spaces


Love it when something old can be reused!  Here is a old door that has been cut in half and put back together with shelves added to make a perfect corner shelf.  Remember almost anything can be reused.

Re-purposing Your Frames

There are many benefits of re-purposing. Aside from reducing wastage, it is a splendid way of diversifying an item. Everyone desires an item that can perform multiple tasks, or better yet, one that can be transformed into new use after it becomes old and no longer able to perform its original function. In light of the fact that re-purposing and reuse is steadily gaining recognition, there is a mad rush among many to try and understand how to go about this ingenuous concept. This article therefore comes in handy by taking a look at how to turn old picture frames into serving trays, in a step-wise manner.

Measure for the center – By use of a tape measure, determine the size of removable panel along back of frame and then add an additional inch to this measurement to account for the overlap needed for screw placement.
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Add a Mirror To Add Instant Light To Your Living Space

If you are a person looking for ways and the means to make your home look more appealing than ever, then you may want to consider putting up a decorative mirror or two in your home. These come in an array of designs, sizes and shapes. They are a creative way to enhance the look of your home instantly. Even though they are more expensive than their ordinary counterparts, they are still in huge demand because people see them as an excellent value addition to their home.
Mirrors are both functional as well as decorative. Bathroom mirrors are functional in that we make use of them regularly to examine the way we look. Decorative mirrors on the other hand help in improving the look of a home. They are accent pieces that are used in the dining and living room spaces for decorative purpose. An antique design, for instance can help bring more light inside a room while imparting an impression of timelessness.
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Re-purposing Old Furniture

Re-purposing old furniture is gradually becoming the newest and most popular project to take up. The idea of taking something old, rejected and worn out for the purpose of recycling, is quite fun. With the world’s economy at a low state, folks really don’t have money to buy new stuff. Yet we can begin to grow tired of seeing the same interior decor in your home and long for a drastic change. It starts with going online and learning all the things one can do with the same boring items in their home.

You can consider using old suitcases piled together as a night stand. Try using rejected pallet boards to create new furniture. All that’s needed is some fresh paint or vanish if you prefer the rustic look. A bookcase can be used to shelve drinks and wine glasses. An antique chair can be spray painted and placed in your living room. If you have a broken washing machine, it can be used to store miscellaneous items. There are so many repurposing furniture ideas. Like how about nailing a slab of wood to the wall, then adding hooks to hold coffee mugs or cloaks.

Instead of having a boring center table, why not glue some family photos under the glass for viewing. This would also be a great conversation starter whenever you have visitors. Consider adhering a briefcase to the wall to use as a medicine cabinet. An old refrigerator can be used to store your kids toys while a broken T.V can serve as an indoor kennel for your pet. Repurposing furniture will come much easier if you are skilled in upholstery and have little knowledge of how to use a hammer and nail. Visit the variety of online sites that are dedicated to sharing ideas on repurposing furniture.

What You Need to Know about Rustic log furniture

Rustic log furniture is a type of furniture that incorporates whole logs usage. Often, they are designed to have a pioneer kind of look. These types of furniture are very durable and last for a long period depending on the methods used to manufacture them.

Their popularity has increased in recent years resulting into more options and styles of décor being produced. For those planning to furnish their country homes, mountain lodges as well as log cabins, be assured to get the style of décor that you always desire. To cut on the cost of producing this furniture, logs are typically milled by machine in mass production. But, to those shoppers looking for a unique style, you may opt to go for handcrafted log furniture, though they are a bit expensive.

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