Palletroni Pizza – Pallet Wood Up-Cycle Challenge 2014 – Pallet Projects

I cooked up a Palletroni Pizza for Sterling Davis’s 2014 Pallet Up-Cycle Challenge. Mmm, Zesty!

Click this link to see all of the Pallet Up-Cycle Challenge videos:

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45 Responses to “Palletroni Pizza – Pallet Wood Up-Cycle Challenge 2014 – Pallet Projects”

  1. Dave Pearson says:

    That was just plain fun!

  2. That's awesome Steve! funny stuff 

  3. Mike Waldt says:

    Looks good enough to eat Steve 😉
    Take care

  4. Adam Quincey says:

    Excellent…!! Love it…
    Merry Christmas..

  5. Being from Chicago I know pizza, and that looks like a mighty fine pie !!!!!!

  6. Just when I thought I've seen it all with your sub "way" sandwich… you make another food "like" item… I'm amazed at your talent… Wouldn't be surprised if some restaurants call you to make a few items for their menu pictures (food included)

  7. Man that was hilarious. Research rocks , lol. Popular is good but try walnut, mmmmmm nutty. Merry Christmas and Happy New year

  8. Chris Trudel says:

    Ha! Awesome as always Steve!

  9. LOL, great project, Steve!

  10. Cy's Corner says:

    Heee heeeee!  Nice palletroni pizza +Steve Carmichael !  Thinking of eating the rest of my pallet now  🙂

  11. C.A.Nav says:

    The was very cheesy! 😉
     (the pizza of course…)

  12. Very tasty I'm sure. Hope the termites agree with your stomach. Oh, by the way I liked your classy 'Le Bucket' and 'Le Pizza Cutter'.

  13. Donnievil says:

    You sir, must surely repel boxes. It's the only way someone could be so far outside of them all the time. 

    Well done, and thanks for showing that nothing beats the delicious taste of Titebond!

  14. All comedy aside, a great build for a child's play kitchen! Nice job Steve…
    Also wondering if food dye and cyanoacrylate would make an interesting finish on a pen project????

  15. projekt89130 says:

    It's 8:20 am and I am now CRAVING pizza (from the REAL pizza).

  16. Matthew Haas says:

    You are quickly becoming my favorite YouTuber'.
    Merry, merry!!

  17. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  Zesty… That was so fun Steve!

  18. Great work, Steve, and you actually managed to get me hungry twice during the video. Makes me want to use linseed oil instead of olive for the next pizza… Thanks for sharing!

  19. I could not stop laughing. Good thing you planed the wood first. A splinter in the tongue would be hell (Plus try explaining it to the wife).  🙂

  20. And… subscribed. You crazy genius you. Love it! 🙂

  21. dejanira2 says:

    Merry Christmas to you and family

  22. Carpentrius says:

    Lol. What did I just watch?!?! You licked wood and tasted glue. Awesome.

  23. Trees2Pens says:

    Great project Steve.  Fun video and that pizza sauce really sticks to your ribs 😉 Merry Christmas.

  24. Buon Natale! Merry merry Christmas!
    Warmly from italy

  25. Mike Caffery says:

    LOL!! I've heard of people trying to go all organic but that is a little extreme. Very funny Steve, Thank you again!

  26. mtbmdk says:

    Excellent pizza, just what we needed after the holiday feast!

  27. Great project Steve,
    My favorite part was when you
    Licked the poplar crust. This is a really cool project.


  28. muddquez says:

    Best video I've seen in a while!…Great Job!

  29. BRILLIANT ! Steve Carmichael ends world hunger…………

  30. My wife was just asking for some "fake food" for the kid's toy kitchen.  I think I'll start with the pizza!

  31. @1:57…did you really just eat glue???

  32. John Turner says:

    That was a very cool project, but your more braver than me, licking your pallet slats and tasting your TiteBond Pizza Sauce, lol… Enjoyed the video

  33. You and your great ideas always make me smile! Awesome video. "Research rocks!"

  34. Just trying to get up with all the video's out there… wow, this was great! I hope we'll se more of this serious stuff in 2015!

  35. Wow now I'm hungry. …not! Lol

  36. steven reno says:

    Yummy looking pizza nothing make better chesse than a good old planer.And shredded cheese ,,, I think a jointer is the best for that.

  37. Matthew Cain says:

    Just laughed all the way through that. Thanks for the giggles 🙂

  38. Very creative Steve! You are a brave man to taste that sauce. Yuck! Regardless, you had an excellent spin on the challenge. Great job!

  39. Martha Stewart says that pasta's done when you fling it on the refrigerator and it sticks to it. When that pizza's done you ought o be able to take a window or a door out with it. Just be sure you don't have your chef's hat on too tight. Good Job!

  40. Did your wife beet you for using her dishes lol

  41. That was AWESOME ~~ Can I have the number please so can order one

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