Project Idea Country House Pianella Pescara

The project idea regards the conversion of a residential building, located on Pianella (PE) hills, into a Country House with an external pool and solarium, a private park and a building for animal and equipment’s storage.
The existing building extends over three levels plus a basement and it shows up with an architectonical language which is typical of the dwellings built on site during 90’s: reinforced concrete frame, plastered exterior walls, regular facade ditches, sloping roof with smooth red tiles.
The aim of this project idea is to highlight the potential of the building, both inside and outside, creating a comfortable environments in which guests can relax and tune with the surrounding nature.
The more complex renovation works are concentrated in the central part of the building: new systems and bathrooms are built and the existing staircases are recovered with the installation of a central lift.
The remaining portion of the building will be painted in a new single color and paved with concrete. Facades will be finished with natural materials, such as brick and wood, creating an alternation of open and closed spaces playing outside the structure. The building is covered with a skin made of natural wood, as an aesthetic appeal to its surrounding nature. All the empty spaces obtained will become large loggias and spaces for conviviality for the guests. The wooden skin made with planks creates an airy surface that ensures sunlight control. The installation of photovoltaic and solar panels on the roof complete the operation: they will contribute to the energy self-sufficiency of the building. By limiting the works to the central body only, with no alteration to the existing structure, and realizing the rooms as indipendent prefabricated elements, both the time and the costs of construction are drastically reduced. At the same time a respectuful intervention for the context and the energetical and economic sustainability is ensured.
Outdoor space will be a green tray where outdoor facilities are located: swimming pool, solarium, bike sharing, relax areas, storage.These will be connected to each other through a walkway made of wooden boards, which will resume the facade’s structure of the building. Parkings will be located in the immediate proximity of the carriage entrance of the site, allowing a full pedestrian and cycling circulation within the property.

Behind the creative act there is a commitment, there is work and investment of time and money that make the creative act an activity to protect, acknowledging the merits of its creator.


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