Real Mjolnir (Thor’s Hammer) – Electromagnet, Fingerprint Scanner | Sufficiently Advanced

A replica of Mjolnir (Thor’s Hammer) from The Avengers that’s almost unliftable unless you’ve got my fingerprints!
Thor from The Avengers might have met his match!

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Music: “Not for Nothing” by Otis McDonald

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36 Responses to “Real Mjolnir (Thor’s Hammer) – Electromagnet, Fingerprint Scanner | Sufficiently Advanced”

  1. Hey it's Gio says:

    BROOO you should actually sale it to people to use in Comicon events!!! that would fkn dope!!!

  2. i can easily take up the manhole cover with this magnet. what is wrong with all that dudes?

  3. Ridho Amanda says:

    i thinks this dota in real life

  4. Try on the rock floor. The end. Thank you universal pictures etc.

  5. what happens if you pick it up from the hammer not the handle

  6. Lee ChoonHoe says:

    Nice one.. How about King Arthur's prank for your next video?

  7. who has a fight spinner

  8. I loved Cuba Gooding Jr. Speech!!!!

  9. just like in the move The Illusion with Ed Norton. very cool

  10. Texual Moose says:

    haha very good video and idea 😉

  11. JERTS says:

    La gente estúpida se emociona con esto tan simple, valdría la pena si se fijara en cualquier superficie y no sólo en metal.

  12. Simon_M1 says:

    U can just lift by the hammer part not the handle

  13. Put it somewhere else except metal floor u fool

  14. I wouldn't take you (grown man) dressed like a bum asking me to lift a fuckin hammer. You look like a dope fiend. Get some fuckin shoes Mr yung dusty

  15. love how the black dude tries to turn it into his show. clown

  16. Josh S5 says:

    wow impressive how did u do this

  17. Josh S5 says:

    u r smart genuis intelligent

  18. 115 KURO says:

    how much did it cost?

  19. Tommy Indra says:

    2:23 I love how that little girl trying to use her "magic" to pick up the hammer

  20. Jabax says:

    Notice how they are all on metal

  21. You need to put capacitive touch sensors on the head of the hammer too.

  22. YEEEAh magneeetss!!!!

  23. goggles789 says:

    Why do black people always hold their testicles while they talk?

  24. Bagel Master says:

    Only smart person in the vid is at the end

  25. hahaha they got pranked to this Thor hammer hahaha

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