Rustic wine cabinet. Pallet wood upcycling project. Easy and fun to build!

I designed this wine rack to resemble a re-purposed wooden crate and built it using scraps of pallet wood. It’s a great conversation piece and if you are thinking about making some extra money woodworking, this piece sells well. Free plans and more info about this project:

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48 Responses to “Rustic wine cabinet. Pallet wood upcycling project. Easy and fun to build!”

  1. BhoLa NY says:

    Build a Kreg Keg Crate. Say that three times fast!
    watch that video 😉 Steve made it in 2010

  2. Ethan Dicker says:

    I really like it when you do pallet wood project videos 🙂

  3. Edgar Rivera says:

    Make a table top out of the rest of the pallet wood. Kinda like how you did the California pallet layout. But smooth em out as much as possible!

  4. Steve make a new wooden door for your workshop

  5. Brilliant, so easy yet so effective! 🙂

  6. RockNJeep says:

    I'm assuming you didn't put any other finish on that other than the spray paint to keep that rustic crate like look.

  7. ArminPlays says:

    Hello i have spikes, a hammer and a saw. What do these?
    My great-grandmother is 90 and I am doing her a gift. Sorry for bad english.

  8. Would you say its safe for a beginner to use a table saw with no safety like the ripknofe or whatever

  9. Doug Commons says:

    I'm curious, do you have a lot of lubalubalub or just a little? If so, how much does your lubalubalub cost? Can I buy it at your WWMM store?

  10. Why do you not plane these boards to a smaller thickness and use like real lumber

  11. jmmoral1 says:

    genial y simple, congratulations

  12. Plz make these vids 10 mins long

  13. Hernán T says:

    Short, simple and really manly ja!

  14. Amazing! I usually just burn pallets. You could sell that thing at Pier one for $50. Great video Steve

  15. Rafal Omnom says:

    Hey Steve, did you ever use Kiwi shoe polish to color wood? I saw one video of a guy talking about it, but can't find much more info online.

  16. grotekleum says:

    Yeah, pallets are great and they come in all shapes and sizes. I have some that are 10 feet long, great timber on them. And I have some that are going to be kindling.

    Nice project too.

  17. josé ramiro says:

    ficou muito bom. Legal.

  18. gwar763 says:

    You look like john malkovich's half brother. (man in the iron mask era)

  19. just wondering when you first started wood working did u struggle?

  20. Congratulations on your 100,000th subscriber. Your awesome, keep doing what you do!

  21. here youtube . com / watch?v=_l_G-ilbn-U

  22. Ahmed orabi says:

    Hi Steve
    You ideas it's easy and smart l looking for your video every week l have question why the standard measurement for plywood is 122cm x244cm and 152cm x152cm
    Thanks for your attentions sorry for my english it's not my language send your answer by writing to be easy translate

  23. Denny Grimes says:

    Congratulations on your 100,000 subscribers!
    I went to your friends Youtube site … Matthis … and to say the least … he is to smart and technical for my ability … I'll stick with yiu Steve!

  24. If you always challenge yourself it will always be a struggle.

  25. Alan Combs says:

    Keep up with the pallet projects!!!! I love seeing what you are doing with pallets. They look great and are so useful!

  26. progetto interessante con materiali riciclati. Bravo.

  27. Graeme w says:

    Hi S can you make one for white wine now ,

  28. Ruizhe Shang says:

    I love all your inspiring works, so impressed 🙂 Most of all I adore you have a super nice working place & those stuffs, can you tell how to become a crazy craftsman like you?

  29. Zack Tillman says:

    What do you use for stencils?

  30. Thom Whitney says:

    I am lookig for ideas on bending thin strips of purple heart woth out using steam box. Any suggestions?

  31. Karen S. says:

    Great videos, I like this guy!

  32. TheBatertot says:

    When you cut your shelves at the 5 degree angle what length do they need to be before cutting the angle so they fit?

  33. All MERRICA says:

    What kind of wood glue do you use?

  34. I love it thank you…

  35. You know what really sucks is seeing the commercial 3 times and still not seeing your video.   I know that it is not you personally Steve but it is not good for your subscribers either thanks Steve

  36. s0nnyburnett says:

    Could make a real killing selling stuff like this at a boutique store in the suburbs.

  37. Brad V says:

    Thanks Steve! I am going to modify this unit to have 4 shelves, and make it as a Christmas gift for my wine loving mom!!

  38. Furball2k says:

    I really like how you painted on the NAPA CA stencil.
    My favorite part of pallet wood projects are finding some really different unique stencils or wood burns put on by the companies that originally used the pallets.

  39. Tom Barnicle says:

    Where is the best place to find Palet Wood?

  40. DJSERVANT777 says:

    Do you still have the link up for the plans? Nice Lil project

  41. Just gifted a finished version of this project to my 89 year old grandma in-law on her birthday. She absolutely loved it. Thanks Steve for providing such valuable content that brings much joy to our families . 🙂

  42. Pallet wood? Pallet wood? Yeah, I got some pallet wood. Lol keep up the good work

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