Scrap Wood Projects

In this video a lounge chair table, carpenter bee traps and more are made from left over scrap wood from a recent deck construction.

Tools Used:
Miter Saw:
1/2 inch Drill:

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29 Responses to “Scrap Wood Projects”

  1. Alex Dihes says:

    Scrap builds scraps for the idiots with a scraping brain.

  2. Hey Bob…love your video. Great stuff. I'm curious about the background music you use? Who is that and/or where did it come from?

  3. Damon Diehl says:

    Do you realize you squared off the ends of the 4×4 and then measured and cut from the other end?

  4. Sorry dude but you remind me of Larry from the Bob Newhart Show (Larry, Darryl, and Darryl.)

  5. You can use woodprix instructions to build it yourself guys.

  6. noctanol says:

    bees are going extinct and this idiot is building bee traps, all that forehead and no brain!!!!!

  7. Jianghao says:

    Hello, what wood did you use for this project?

  8. well obviously someone had to come up with the idea of what to do with the constant scraps of wood we generate. great video and nice Job. consider me a subscriber.

  9. Gord Taylor says:

    good usefull projects from scrap.

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  11. Smaugs Wrath says:

    Did you need pilot holes for your table?

  12. Buck Futter says:

    Should build a trash can to toss that junk you made in.

  13. This is a good woodworking book, “pepe amazing plan” (Google it). I took numerous classes and finished a one year diploma in carpentry at a local tech college; this is better than any book I worked out of during those lessons. It includes helpful images and goes over just about everything.

  14. Wow excellent job my friend l trying to make a flowers planter and a bird house

  15. David dragan says:

    why do you unpopular woodworkers play shit music?

  16. Jean Myers says:

    great job will plan to make bee traps soon i think if i put something sweet in the bottom of the plastic bottle it would work for other bees or bugs great video thank you for sharing

  17. JSTR says:

    SCRAP – I could never understand that term. Small pieces or odd pieces, yes. If you go to the lumber yard and buy a 10' board and come home and cut it up into smaller pieces, have you just taken a 'good' board and turned it into scrap? No, usable pieces for the project you are doing at the time. So, why are the pieces of wood that you are going to use scrap? They are just short pieces of wood. The difference between scrap wood and odd pieces or short pieces of wood just may be $100.

  18. artimus 1971 says:

    good use of your scrap

  19. h mc says:

    hey how well do the carpenter bee traps work? Ive never seen anything like that before!

  20. What are you making in this Video?? Like how many Projects are you doing in 1 Video? Kyle

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  22. Great Video but you could have salvaged a few more inches of wood. When making that table you could have made to side boards longer by the thickness of the other two sides. Would have made for a nicer look and or you could have mitred all sides but I got your point. No nonsense video.

  23. Donna gunn says:

    I really enjoy watching these quick projects and with all those scraps. I hate waste. Thanks for all the great ideas. Good job. Don't listen to all the haters out there. Hope you continue to share your work.

  24. Ian Johnson says:

    Nothing like some simple, yet useful projects from scrap wood!

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