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Shelves for small spaces


Love it when something old can be reused!  Here is a old door that has been cut in half and put back together with shelves added to make a perfect corner shelf.  Remember almost anything can be reused.

5 Good Ways To Repurpose Furniture

Used furniture may go for a small fraction of the original cost, but creatively re-purposed furniture often goes for more than the piece cost brand new. Here are 10 creative ways that anyone can give old furniture a new life.

1. Old Dresser to Train Table

A dresser is a typical bit of bedroom furniture. It is additionally a standout amongst the most much of the time supplanted pieces, alongside the bed. Drawers in the end stick or break, the look of the dresser goes out of style, or an expanding family finds they require more space. Whatever the purpose behind getting free of an old dresser, it doesn’t need to be the end.

2. Bookcase to Wine Rack

Old bookcases are as often as possible found at yard deals at reasonable costs or hurled along rural walkways, waiting for the rubbish gatherer to arrive. In any case, with a touch of paint and the some simple to-install wine glass and bottle holders, a little bookcase could without much of a stretch find another presence as a classy wine rack.
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