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Reclaimed Wood Furniture

Rustic, elegant, vintage, exotic, timeless are some of the words used to describe furniture made of reclaimed wood. Reclaimed wood or lumber is wood that retrieved, processed and designed into new furniture pieces. Reclaimed wood is sourced from old mines, warehouses, old barns and factories. Wood can also be harvested from boxcars and wine barrels. Even though reclaimed wood is used for a variety of different purposes, furniture is the most popular use of recycled lumber. Wood for reclaiming is normally in abundance bearing in mind that 50 years, wood was the building material of choice due to its cheap cost and ready availability. As natural wood sources have continued to dwindle, the industry has turned to the already used wood to make use of it again.

Reclaimed wood furniture has an exotic and timeless appearance and texture that is very alluring. In fact, antique and reclaimed wood pieces are normally confused. The fact that the reclaimed wood has been used and abandoned for a long time to the vulgarizes of nature makes the wood have a rustic look. Reclaimed can be designed and shaped to be used in making furniture or it can be used as it is with the carpenter working with the pieces available to create a furniture piece. This style is known as freestyle.
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