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The Cabin

The Rusty Gold is following the making of a cabin.  It is a friends labor of love so some of the methods are a bit unorthodox.  I will bring you updates on progress from time to time.  Features are built from the inside out.  Most everything is made from reclaimed wood and found objects.  20160112_074928

These built in shelves are great for small collectibles. They are set between two studs and only wall thick.  Made from old barn wood, some weathered bead board and trim pieces. The one above is at the top of a stairway landing. The bottom picture is built into the wall about picture frame height.   Great little niche!  Tiny things like glass ware, figures, small pictures or any other little treasure work great here.  Stay with The Rusty Gold to see what they add to the cabin.  lighting, kitchen, and bathroom, etc.

Shelves for small spaces


Love it when something old can be reused!  Here is a old door that has been cut in half and put back together with shelves added to make a perfect corner shelf.  Remember almost anything can be reused.

Reclaimed Wood Siding An Affordable Alternative

A large number of homeowners have started opting for reclaimed wood siding, beams, flooring, molding, and paneling to improve the interiors of their homes. It is due to the fact that reclaimed wood siding allows you to preserve the forests,

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