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The Cabin

The Rusty Gold is following the making of a cabin.  It is a friends labor of love so some of the methods are a bit unorthodox.  I will bring you updates on progress from time to time.  Features are built from the inside out.  Most everything is made from reclaimed wood and found objects.  20160112_074928

These built in shelves are great for small collectibles. They are set between two studs and only wall thick.  Made from old barn wood, some weathered bead board and trim pieces. The one above is at the top of a stairway landing. The bottom picture is built into the wall about picture frame height.   Great little niche!  Tiny things like glass ware, figures, small pictures or any other little treasure work great here.  Stay with The Rusty Gold to see what they add to the cabin.  lighting, kitchen, and bathroom, etc.

End Tables

End Tables are a great accent to any room.  Not to mention a place to put your stuff! This is made out of an old pot belly stove with a piece of wood for the top. The door still opens to provide extra storage. This table can be left as is or  can be painted flat black to resemble a new stove. You can be bold and tap into your own creative nature and experiment with different colors.  Be sure when cutting unwanted pieces or edges from old iron you are careful.  Rusty metal can be a hazard if you cut yourself.  Don’t hesitate to ask for help or even consult a professional.  I will post more on end tables every now and then in the never ending quest to find just the right one.



Old Purpose to New Life

Old and wore out meets new life with this piece. A tattered cream can has been re-purposed as a vase to arrange artificial flowers. Be creative when selecting items. Just because it is no longer useful for its original purpose does not mean it will not be useful for you.

How to:

Select your container of choice. Insert floral foam. Arrange flowers or other decorative items to your liking and stick into the foam to hold in place.

This simple project is perfect for an accent in your home, brightening up a dark corner, or a nice keepsake for wedding flowers or other special flower arrangements.

Shelves for small spaces


Love it when something old can be reused!  Here is a old door that has been cut in half and put back together with shelves added to make a perfect corner shelf.  Remember almost anything can be reused.

Types of Rustic Decor

The best way to display the purpose or persona of a space is through the decorations used there. While there are a number of things people can decorate their home, office, restaurant etc. generally the decorations in any structure are focused toward a single theme. A wide variety of options are available to people for the purpose of decoration. With the recent times the usage of antiques or historic items has been extensively used by people to display their style and add uniqueness to their home. Rustic Decoration is a type of decoration which makes the home look more comfortable and gives a unique classy feel to the place. The types or rustic décor vary but can be generally classified into a few different techniques.

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