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Old Purpose to New Life

Old and wore out meets new life with this piece. A tattered cream can has been re-purposed as a vase to arrange artificial flowers. Be creative when selecting items. Just because it is no longer useful for its original purpose does not mean it will not be useful for you.

How to:

Select your container of choice. Insert floral foam. Arrange flowers or other decorative items to your liking and stick into the foam to hold in place.

This simple project is perfect for an accent in your home, brightening up a dark corner, or a nice keepsake for wedding flowers or other special flower arrangements.

Shelves for small spaces


Love it when something old can be reused!  Here is a old door that has been cut in half and put back together with shelves added to make a perfect corner shelf.  Remember almost anything can be reused.

Add a Mirror To Add Instant Light To Your Living Space

If you are a person looking for ways and the means to make your home look more appealing than ever, then you may want to consider putting up a decorative mirror or two in your home. These come in an array of designs, sizes and shapes. They are a creative way to enhance the look of your home instantly. Even though they are more expensive than their ordinary counterparts, they are still in huge demand because people see them as an excellent value addition to their home.
Mirrors are both functional as well as decorative. Bathroom mirrors are functional in that we make use of them regularly to examine the way we look. Decorative mirrors on the other hand help in improving the look of a home. They are accent pieces that are used in the dining and living room spaces for decorative purpose. An antique design, for instance can help bring more light inside a room while imparting an impression of timelessness.
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