Up-Cycling! Dumpster Diving – Reclaimed Table! 50 Dollar Wood Shop

Did A little dumpster diving an up-cycling to build this reclaimed wood rustic table. The 50 Dollar Wood Shop Is at it again. Up-cycling Trash! Trash to Treasure and make money with your woodworking.

Please watch: “Flawless layout with my Straddle Square | Izzy Swan”



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20 Responses to “Up-Cycling! Dumpster Diving – Reclaimed Table! 50 Dollar Wood Shop”

  1. Edwin Bonet says:

    The wood working world can be a little vague and mysterious, thanks for demystifying, great advice, great techniques. Appreciate the time you put into your videos. Please keep them coming.

  2. Absolutely love your shirt!!!

  3. James Evins says:

    That table is beautiful Izzy.  Thanks for the great share.  I am on an Izzy Swan marathon now.  I just hit subscribe.  Very cool.

  4. Fantastic! The entire time you were in the dumpster I was afraid they would pick up the trash with you in it though lol. Totally cool that you turned garbage into such a beautiful table!

  5. Brian Hudson says:

    just subscribed love your pocket hole jigs and this table from a dumpster. So cool…..

  6. Alex Wegner says:

    Where did you sell it and for how much?? I'm having trouble figuring out where to sell my creations 🙁

  7. Bob Jenkins says:

    This is amazing. THanks for the video.

  8. Bob Jenkins says:

    The only thing I don't see is how you attached the top. Did you glue it? (Sorry I have to watch these videos without sound)

  9. David lee says:

    good job my man!!!!

  10. ast33ro says:

    One wonders why in the world somebody would throw a new, in-the-cardboard, interior door kit into a dumpster.

  11. Izzy, great video. I go dumpster diving once in a while when I can. Why didn't you take the whole door? Was it damaged? I really like the table you made.

  12. You've just made my wife VERY unhappy! Thanks! I love it!

  13. How do you sell it though?

  14. Alex Cassun says:

    My only question is where did you go to sell that for $125?

  15. Jose Nunez says:

    I love and hate how you're able to square off the reclaim wood…just pure brilliant

  16. David Barr says:

    I love the $50 wood shop concept. I am starting with a similar set of tools (I have a few more, but the diy table saw is something I hope to create soon). Quite the motivational series!

  17. katta says:

    I hope you have someone outside the dumpster to keep an eye so no one dumps wood into dumpster while you are inside.

  18. Miles Rice says:

    Thumbs up for the T-shirt 🙂

  19. Mark S. says:

    Glad I'm not the only one diving in dumpsters looking for wood

  20. james moore says:

    Thanks Izzy. I'm still turning miniature birdhouse ornaments with wood I've gathered from just 2 areas. I cut it to size, glue it up, turn it round and keep plenty ahead of turning. I completed number 48 this morning, probably have enough wood to turn that many or more. All free wood with the exception of the several packs of thin 'planks', (7-1/4X2-7/8), I bought on markdown 20+ years ago and never could decide what I would do with it. Those 'planks' sure make a pertty ornament, yup….

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