upcycling wood pallets

My process on how to break down pallets for use as lumber.


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  1. smp1951 says:

    Several years ago I built a backyard playhouse for my daughter using repurposed pallets. The hardest part was breaking the pallets down. It was well worth the effort because she and her friends got many years of fun out of it. Hope the chickens appreciate your hard work.

  2. That background music is really annoying and takes away from your very useful tutorial. The music ruins it and your need a microphone or to stand closer to the camera.

  3. I've tried so many ways to find an "easy" or somewhat "easier" way to break down pallets and I have came to the conclusion they all have their own good and bads! I like your videos, and if you find another way of breaking down your pallets, keep us updated!

    A few questions: do you have a specific way of finding pallets? Do you pay for them, or find them for free? What kind of planer is that, and is it budget friendly? Thanks again! 🙂

  4. And Don't pay attention to "Shethwe" … she doesn't need to be rude like that! Keep up your good vids! 🙂

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